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New York Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Spot & Stain Removal

At New York Carpet Cleaning we know that carpet and rug stains are part of life, especially when we have children and pets living in our home. On a daily basis, we have to deal with stains like red wine, dog stains, spaghetti sauce, etc. Carpet and rug stain removal doesn't have to be a chore! Before you choose your carpet and rug stain removal technique consider the following:

  • What is the rug made of?
  • How long has the stain been there?
  • What kind of stain is it?
  • How big is the stain?
  • If it's from a liquid, did it go through to the padding?

Once you have determined what kind of stain it is, and the product you can safely use, you can start removing the stain.
First, if the rug stain is solid, carefully scoop it up with a spoon, being careful to get as much up without rubbing. Dilute any stain with a small amount of water. Do not saturate the rug as it can leak through to the padding. Use a paper towel to blot or brush away the stain. DO NOT RUB. Rug stain removal should begin at the outer edge of the spill or stain, carefully blotting inward to the middle. This will help you avoid spreading the stain and will help prevent a ring caused from solvents. If you choose a rug stain removal product, test it first on a hidden area of your rug to make sure it won't further damage your rug.

Be sure not to over shampoo, over wet or leave your furniture unprotected from wet rugs when you do it yourself. And, if a spill does occur, try and begin rug stain removal as soon as possible, and follow up with a professional cleaning. Sometimes it is best to let a professional do the cleaning. Usually this will result in a deeper and more effective rug cleaning so don’t hesitate to call New York Carpet Cleaning.


Pet Stain & Odor Removal

We all love our pets. They are beautiful, precious and part of our family, but they smell. Pet odor becomes a problem, especially when you own more than one pet. As pet owners, you’re in for one tough struggle. Pet urine odor is one of the most difficult smells to remove from any surface, and at times requires you remove the flooring altogether, and replace it, if none of the less substantial solutions do the trick. Still, it can be done. Do not give up hope. The first step is the most obvious – call carpet cleaning professionals. Any affected areas need to be cleaned as thoroughly as possible, and as soon as possible. We, at New Jersey Carpet Cleaning can help you take care of your pet odor problem, remove pet stains as well, and keep your home smelling good.

New York Carpet Cleaning trained technicians will first identify the urine contamination area using several different inspection tools. Secondly, the urine must be treated with special urine pre-treatment to break the bonding so that when the carpet is cleaned much of the urine can be extracted. Thirdly, the areas of urine contamination must be treated with enzyme injections that attack the urine at the molecular level to actually eat the remaining urine. When this procedure is followed excellent results can be achieved. Our treatment contains enzyme-producing bacteria that digest organic waste matter, destroying urine odors at their source for permanent odor removal. Plus, it withstands high temperatures and pH without losing its effectiveness.

At New York Carpet Cleaning, we use the hot water extraction method (also known as "steam cleaning"), since it provides the deepest clean. We use truck mounted units, which do a much better job of getting down into the carpet pile, where much of the pet smell resides. Not only do we help in removing dog and cat urine stains and odors, we help in keeping it out. We disinfect and sanitize the area with safe and effective products.

Search no more! Get your home back again from embarrassing pet urine odors and stains! Call NewYork Carpet Cleaning today!

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