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Spot remover

At NewYork Carpet Cleaning, we offer Scotchgard application to protect and clean your furniture and household fabrics keeping them looking new longer. Scotchgard is one of the best ways to protect your newly-cleaned carpet, rug, and upholstery from spills, liquids stains, (both oil and water based) and dirt. It will create an invisible barrier between the fabric and the stains, and will help those tough stains come out with ease.

Scotchgard also provides triple protection to repel ground-in dirt making vacuuming more effective, bead-up spills for quick spill cleanup, and release stains from hidden spills to keep household items clean and newer looking longer. Use to protect rugs, carpets, and auto mats and flooring. On treated carpet, and upholstery, a spill will "bead-up" and does not immediately penetrate the fibers.  This allows you time to blot the spill before it turns into a stain.

Using Scotchgard protectors does not change the look or feel of carpeting. Occasionally, slight over-application of Scotchgard protectors or accelerated drying (with fans or heat) may cause treated articles to stiffen. Simply, vacuum the affected areas and the carpet will feel normal again. Scotchgard is environmentally safe product.

With wear from dirt and traffic, the carpet's protection wears away with time. The more traffic and/or dirt, the faster it wears. In addition, each time your carpet is cleaned with a deep extraction machine, the protection is diminished considerably. We recommend periodic cleaning at least once a year with a deep extraction machine and reapplying Scotchgard protection after each instance.

Scotchgard Triple Protection

  • Repels spills, resists soils and blocks stains.
  • Strong protection pushes spills away from fibers.
  • Limits reappearing spots.
  • Doesn’t change the look or appearance of your carpet or rug.
  • Keeps your carpet and rugs looking good longer.
  • Ideal for carpet, rugs, stairways, hallway and stairway runners, and bath mats.
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