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New York Carpet Cleaning

Curtains and Drapery Cleaning

As dust and dirt collects on your furniture, so does it on your drapes. Regular vacuuming will increase the life and looks of your curtains and drapes keeping your house looking bright and clean while creating a healthier living environment. Maintaining your drapery through light vacuuming is not sufficient in keeping your carpet clean from dirt, dust, allergens and everything else that gets trapped in your window treatments. A professional curtain and drapery cleaning should be done at least once every two years. All fabric traps in dust, dirt, dust mites and allergens. Over time this begins to break down and destroy your valuable investment. Give your drapes a clean new look, and preserve the life of your investment by calling the professionals at New York Carpet Cleaning.

We use professional state-of-the-art equipment and non-toxic chemicals that safely and effectively dry-cleans or wet-cleans anything made of fabric. New York Carpet Cleaning uses the most effective yet gentle method to deep clean your window coverings: the injection / extraction system, which injects a cleaning solution into the fabric and extracts the dirty solution in the same motion. Our process is clean, fast and effective.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Thorough Inspection First, we will identify any conditions that may present cleaning challenges such as permanent stains, sunlight damage, etc. We will give you an evaluation of what kind of results we expect.

Step 2: Pre-Vacuum Dry soil removal is the most important step in cleaning any textile. Your drapes will be completely vacuumed to remove dust and dry soils.

Step 3: Our specially treated “sponges” will be used to remove soil. These sponges are treated with dry-cleaning solvents, but do not have any liquid in them. These “dry” sponges are great for removing oil based soils that become airborne when cooking, etc.

Step 4: Post Spot Removal of any spots not removed during the chem sponge process will be treated with the appropriate professional cleaning agent.

Step 5: Our special non-toxic solution made just for drapes that displaces additional soils and brightens the drapes at the same time. This product is lightly misted onto the drapes.

Step 6: Our technician will go over the cleaning results with you when finished.

Drapery is a sensitive item that needs special care. There are many varieties of fabric that may shrink or get damage if not handled by experts. Our drapery cleaning service is guaranteed with professional state of the art machinery. We will pick up your drapes and remove them. Then, within days we will deliver them and install them, fresh and clean.

New York Carpet Cleaning services include: drapery cleaning, curtain cleaning, blinds and verticals cleaning, shades cleaning, cornices and valances cleaning.


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