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Should you have sealed your tile and grout after set up, you should only use professional tile and grout cleaners once every couple of years. Many homes today possess at least an area or two with tile due to the many benefits, a few of which include:
Suprisingly low maintenance required – simply regular cleaning
Ability to be put into a multitude of settings – fireplaces, kitchen flooring, bathroom walls
Cost effectiveness – suprisingly low
Durability – no dents want in hardwood or snags and pulls want in carpets
Simple repair – it’s easier to displace a broken tile than it really is a hardwood plank
After installation, you will begin to find out if your tile and grout is unsealed, as any food or drink spilled onto the ground will soak in to the tile and grout, possibly staining it permanently.

Even though sealed, tile flooring can begin to show how old they are simply by the tile grout darkening and discoloring (This is actually the most common complaint from homeowners and companies).
Especially because tile is generally within a moist environment, such as a bathroom or a kitchen, grout can darken, and perhaps, grow mold or dark mold. Tile flooring can simply be restore with their previous glory by an instant dose of tile and grout washing. Black mold may damage sealants and grouting if not really correctly handled and cleaned properly. A switch of tiles could be needed for this reason, also, you may want to seek out new bathroom cup shower doors because they might have been worn aside because of the mold. It is advisable to change them in any case in the event they are along the way to be weakened and could eventually crack.
Although an instant cleaning should be finished with your regular kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning and general housecleaning to keep it looking as effective as you can, a dose of professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning can erase the stains and discoloring you aren’t in a position to clean with regular household cleaners.

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